Rep. Jeff Holy’s lifetime trailer registration bill signed into law

A bill to provide one-time registration for recreational trailers was signed into law today. House Bill 1480, sponsored by Rep. Jeff Holy, R-Cheney, will allow owners of recreational trailers to purchase registration just once while owning and using the trailer instead of re-registering every year.

“These are trailers that are not used that often – perhaps a few times during the summer to transport four-wheelers or other recreational gear,” said Holy. “This bill not only makes it more convenient for trailer owners, but also brings in more money to the transportation budget because some owners may not have been re-registering every year if they weren’t using the trailers and because there may be an initial influx of lifetime registrations.”

The idea for the bill, first introduced three years ago, came from a Spokane constituent and local radio host Rick Rydell.

“When Rick first told me of this idea, it made so much sense. They say that the best ideas for legislation come from everyday people, and that is absolutely the case here,” Holy said. “I’m pleased we were able to get this bill through this year and signed into law.”



Washington State House Republican Communications