Son of former Issaquah council member follows in mother’s footsteps

Jeff Holy, son of councilwoman Jacki Holy, sworn in as state legislator Jan. 14

The Washington State Legislature is composed of lawmakers with different backgrounds and experiences. This year, a new lawmaker with a history in Issaquah, followed his mother’s footsteps in public service. Jeff Holy, R-Spokane, was sworn in as a state representative for the Sixth Legislative District on Monday, Jan. 14.

Holy was a graduate of Issaquah High School in 1973. His mother, Jacki Holy, served on the Issaquah City Council in the 1970s.

“My mother taught me the value of serving the public and being involved in your community,” Holy said. “It is an honor to be trusted by my constituents to serve as their voice in the Legislature.”

The 2013 legislative session began Jan. 14 and is scheduled to last 105 days.


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