Rep. Jeff Holy introduces legislation to promote integrity in law enforcement

Rep. Jeff Holy, R-Cheney, introduced legislation ensuring that law enforcement officers are able to act with objectivity, neutrality, impartiality, and fairness where they are no longer compelled to issue a specific volume of traffic tickets to comply with a quota system that may enhance a law enforcement agency’s revenue.

“It is essential that the citizens of Washington state trust both the integrity and intentions of their law enforcement officers. This bill reestablishes integrity in law enforcement by eliminating a police department’s demand that an officer issue a specific volume of tickets per shift,” said Holy, “This keeps the focus of our officers on community-oriented policing and will show that they are out addressing the issues in their communities rather than trying to fill a ticket quota.”

HB 2399 is a no quotas bill with bipartisan support. The bill would prohibit the number of citations issued by an officer from having a negative impact on the officer’s performance review, evaluation, rating, assessment, salary, promotion, or assignment. This bill supports the discretion of the individual officer to make the proper decision as to whether an actual citation is truly necessary.



Washington State House Republican Communications