Holy responds to Court’s decisions on two-thirds requirement

Today the Washington Supreme Court ruled on a case challenging the two-thirds requirement of the Legislature to raise taxes. The court invalidated the two-thirds requirement while being somewhat unclear about the requirement for tax increases to go to a vote of the people.

Rep. Jeff Holy, R-Spokane, had this to say about the ruling:

“The court made it clear today that the Legislature needs to pass a constitutional amendment on to the people in order for their will to be upheld. The people have passed this high bar for increasing taxes five times in the last 20 years. It is clearly their will, and it’s time for the Legislature to finally listen.

The ruling states:

The State’s proposed reading of article II, section 22 [of the Washington State Constitution] would fundamentally alter our system of government, and such alteration is possible only through constitutional amendment.

The court also recognized that every other state that has passed a supermajority vote requirement has done so with a constitutional amendment, not merely a statutory change.

Let’s get this into the constitution so the people’s will can be upheld without having to come back every two years to remind the Legislature how it should budget taxpayers’ hard-earned tax dollars. I’m supporting House Joint Resolution 4206 to put the will of the people in the constitution once and for all.

“I was proud to support this two-thirds tax requirement as one of my first votes on the House floor with a rules proposal by House Republicans. Though the House rule proposal was rejected by the House Democrat majority, it was the will of the people in 44 out of 49 legislative districts just three months ago. In the Sixth District, 68 percent, more than two-thirds, of the voters supported Initiative 1185. As a representative, it’s my duty to listen to the will of the people and represent their voice in the Legislature. That’s exactly what I have done and will continue to do.”

To read more about House Republicans’ proposal to put the two-thirds requirement in the House rules, visit: houserepublicans.wa.gov/news/legislature/amending-rules-for-the-people.


Washington State House Republican Communications