Recreational trailers should have lifetime registration, Holy says

People who use trailers for recreational purposes would not have to pay annually for tabs under a proposal by Rep. Jeff Holy, R-Spokane.

House Bill 1902 would allow a person owning a trailer used intermittently and for recreational purposes to apply for a special license plate that would not require yearly registration. In order to receive the special plate, the registered owner of the trailer would pay a special one-time license plate fee of $187.50.

“This is a common sense proposal brought to me by a constituent. Essentially the trailer owner is paying for lifetime registration up front,” Holy said. “It doesn’t make sense for trailer owners to continue paying for registration when they seldom use the roads.”

An “intermittent-use trailer” is defined in the proposal as a trailer used infrequently for clubs, exhibitions, tours, parades and other occasional pleasure uses less than once a week on average.

The legislation has bipartisan support and has been referred to the Transportation Committee. The cutoff for bills to pass fiscal committees like Transportation is March 1.


Washington State House Republican Communications